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 Marissa + Karl

Working with Mary was such an easygoing, effortless experience! I had done most of my wedding planning already, but Mary and her team made sure to execute my vision perfectly! Prepping for the event was direct and helpful, and she set aside time to explain some confusing processes for me. I appreciated her bubbly vibes because we are similar in that way, but her work ethic takes the cake. Her meticulousness is top notch, especially on creating a curated wedding timeline. She made sure communication played a big role, especially with all of my vendors, which I appreciated. I wanted all my guests and vendors to be taken care of that day, and she made it happen. My wedding day definitely felt like the PERFECT day thanks to Mary and her team. She’s the best and sweetest person out there, and her hard work was definitely appreciated and loved. Thank you, Mary!!!



Mary helped me plan my wedding in 8 months. Hiring her as my wedding planner was the best thing I ever did during this process! Mary is through, professional, organized, considerate of your time and budget, and is patient. Mary helped me stay focused, prioritize my time with wedding planning, and ensure all details. She emphasized that we enjoy this process and was genuinely supportive. Frankly, I enjoyed working with Mary and felt excited over the months of planning instead of feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I appreciate her driving an hour to meet with me at the venue from picking linens, lighting, discussing time lines with the DJ, and organizing the wedding party at rehearsal. She was a tremendous help! She became my soundboard. My husband and I wanted shaved ice and a halo-halo dessert station, and Mary found and contacted the vendor for me! I appreciate her and even miss our many conversations discussing wedding details! Do yourself a favor, and hire her!

2022 VEP Ces Tan Wedding-36.jpg

Cecille + Tristan

I just can’t Thank you guys enough for making my wedding the way we wanted. Mary is a very accommodating coordinator and easy to deal with. I remember speaking to her the first time and explaining it to her that my wedding will be in 3 months time and that my wedding will be mostly DIY which means we basically built our own decorations, from the ceremony designs, reception decors, table settings, etc. We also have to bring our own desserts and cake. After explaining all that to her she quickly set me up for an appointment to meet w her. I told her that I wish I could show her all the decors we made so she could get an idea. She actually drove 2 hrs from her home just to meet me and discuss everything regarding our displays. On the day of our wedding we saw what we actually pictured our wedding is going to be. Mary and her team not only followed exactly what we wanted, but they made it more better. Since we got married at a winery we have to get a charcuterie vendor which she also made it easy for me. She can do it all. She offered me a price I could not say no that they will provide charcuteries and design our charcuterie table. They never left my side until we finished our wedding. She made sure the newlyweds were happy till the end. Thank you Mary for all. I wish you and your team the best.

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Gracy + Aaron

Our wedding day was perfect - thanks to Mary and her team! Because my husband and I had done a big chunk of the planning on our own, we primarily needed a month of wedding coordinator. When I had my first phone call with Mary, she was very transparent about her pricing and services, which I appreciated it. While wedding coordination and planning can easily rack up in cost, Mary expressed her genuine enjoyment in event planning and as a result, she made it clear that she offers affordable pricing. When you're planning a wedding for over 200 guests, this is seriously music to your ears lol.

We booked The Maxwell package (month of wedding planning services). It was exactly what we needed as we got into the final stretch of wedding planning; Mary helped tie up loose ends for us, finalized our timeline, communicated with vendors and more. This was crucial for us since we had several different vendors. She was consistently responsive throughout the whole process, always quick to answer my many random questions :)

On the day of the wedding, Mary and her two assistants executed our vision flawlessly. They made sure that my husband and I were always taken care of. For instance, during our dinner reception, some of our guests began forming a line to take a photo with us at our sweetheart table. We felt like Disneyland characters haha. Mary stepped in and asked the guests to return to their seats so that we could have some time to eat our dinner (plus we had scheduled table by table photos post-dinner). In retrospect, we really appreciated her doing this lol because you DO need to eat on your wedding day!


Huge thank you to Mary and her team for making sure our special day came together perfectly. My husband and I were able to thoroughly enjoy ourselves. We couldn't have done it without them!

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